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Corrugating Board Lines  Suppliers in Beijing
10 products from 2 companies in 1 country

1.Designed speed:200m/min 2.Maximum stacking leight:1800mm 3.Maximum stacking length:3000mm 4.Electro-hydraulic up and down of the lifter, motorized transverse output. 5.Plane delievery belt ensures... View details

1.Corrugated Cardboard Production Line incluedes mill roll stand, single facer, pre-heater, conveyer bridge, gluing machine, double facer, slitter scorer machine, cut off machine and stacker. 2.We... View details

1.Designed speed:100m/min-200m/min 2.Available width:1400mm-2500mm 3.Grounded surface for the hot plate. 4.Dense press roll are applied,press plate is optional,motorized lifting or lowering as a... View details

1.Designed speed:150m/min 2.Corrugated roll diameter:320mm 3.Available width:1600mm-2200mm 4.Heat source:steam 5.Vacuum suction system provide perfect flute shape. 6.Double flutes structure, one... View details

1.Designed speed:100m/min 2.Available width:1400mm-1800mm 3.Flute profile:A,C,B,E 4.Flooding system lubrication of the reduction gearbox, isolated power supply, frequency conversing control of the... View details

1.Designed speed:120m/min-200m/min 2.Effective width:1400mm-2500mm 3.Flute profiles:A,C,B,E available. 4.Separate upper and lower roll from the main machine, with guideway equipped to the bridge,... View details

Carton making machine includes mill roll stand, single facer, pre-heater, conveyor bridge, gluing machine, double facer, slitter scorer and cut off , stacker, box gluing machine ,etc. We can... View details

We can offer you advanced, medium and common lines for single wall, double wall and triplex wall corrugated cardboard production with speed ranging from 60m/min to 220m/min and width ranging from... View details

We are leading manufacturer of cardboard machinery in China,established in 1985. We are in a position to supply whole corrugated cardboard production line, also all allied parts. If you like to add... View details

Beijing Dongbao Packing Machinery Co., Ltd- leading manufactuer of corrugated board machinery from China, established in 1985,production speed:60-220mm,the paperboard can be... View details

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