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Pigments, Inorganic  Suppliers
3 products from 3 companies in 2 countries

20 Microns Ltd.

Basic Member


Vadodara, Gujarat, India

20 MICRONS supplies the pulp, paper and board industry with talc for use as a coating pigment in both rotogravure and offset and as a pitch control agent. In both uncoated and coated rotogravure... View details

China Zhaobo Chemical Dye Co., Ltd.

Basic Member

Tianjin, China

We are the professional manufacturer and exporter in producing series of dyestuff. our main products are top grade direct dyestuff used for dyeing paper, cotton, wool, nylon and leather, also... View details

Jianghang Chemical

Basic Member

Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

We are seller and manufacture and producer with our own factory in China.our cateloge is pigment,acid,alkali,inorganic chemical.main product is 1.Titanium dioxide LABSA 2.oxalic acid 3.adipic acid... View details

Regions Represented by Pigments, Inorganic Suppliers, Exporters, Sellers, Distributors on PaperIndex

East Asia, South Asia

Top Countries Represented by Pigments, Inorganic Exporters, Sellers, Distributors, and Suppliers on on PaperIndex

China , India

Top Cities Represented by Pigments, Inorganic Suppliers, Distributors, Exporters, Sellers on PaperIndex

Shijiazhuang , Tianjin , Vadodara

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