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Papcel Used Machinery

Basic Member

Trading Company

Prague, Czech Republic

sell at cheap price used sheeter, brand Bruderhaus, width 1400 mm, capacity 20 T/D, Applied for thin papers and printing/writing papers

1.Designed speed:150m/min 2.Effective width:1400mm-2200mm 3.Cutting length from 500mm up to 9999mm.Cutting tolerance:stable speed within 1 mm. 4.Auto-cyc oil pump lubrication for the transmitting...

King Team Machinery Ltd.

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Hong Kong

King Team Machinery Ltd specialize in manufacturing high speed, precision rotary sheeter. Max. paper size: 1400mm (W) X 1500mm (L). The excellent mechanical engineering design & smart Twin servo...

Fushun Pack Electromechanical Co.,Ltd

Basic Member


Fushun, Liaoning, China

Machine speed:200m/min Effective width:1800mm-2500mm Four blades with six lines,five blades with eight lines,six blades with eight lines Adopted with this blade. Three types of...

Shandong Zhangqiu Paper Machinery Factory

Basic Member


Jinan, Shandong, China

ZWJ rewinder can make the preliminary winded reed paper on the winder rewinded tighly and can cut vertically according to the required width, meeting the requirment of printing paper and...

The rewinder is designed to rewind the paper from the paper machine into rolls with desired width and tightness. The machine is available in types of 3-point driving and single point driving. For...

ZWQ1092-3200 series - Digital display and numerically controled paper cutting machine is a domestic up-to-date product. When cutting the paper cisually and digitally, the quantity and quality of the...

Five Victor Machinery

Basic Member

Manufacturer, Exporter

New Taipei City, Taiwan

Our sheeters are adequate to produce high-quality cutting for export. Moreover, our overlapping system has a reputation for no mark and no scratches. The sheeter's maximum speed is up to 350 M/min...

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