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A4 copy paper sheeting machine


A4 /A3 cut size sheeter with automatic wrapping machine for copy paper

A4 Size Paper Cutting Machine (CHM-A4 Paper Cutting Machine)

This series of machine is used to cutting Big paper roll into A4, A3, B5 and 8.5*11 inch sizes, We also can design according to customers requirement, such as legal size, letter size etc..

Model: CHM-A4-4 MAIN SPECIFICATIONS: Paper Width: Gross width 900mm, net width 840mm

Cutting numbers: 4 cutting-A4 210mm (width)

Diameter of: Paper roll: Max. 1200mm. Min. 600mm

Diameter of: Paper core: 3 or 6 inches or depend on the demand of clients

Paper weight: 60-100gsm

Sheet length: 297mm

Ream amount: 500 sheets. Height: Max.62mm

Max. Speed of production: 120m/min(depend on different paper)

Max. Numbers of cutting: 404cutting/min

Output of the ream: 3.2 times/min

Load of cutting: 400gsm

Cutting accuracy: about 0. 2mm

Cutting requirement: constant speed, no break in reel, cutting all paper one time , eligible paper.

Drive: AC frequency conversion and step-less

Main power supply: 3*380V AC, 50HZ

Voltage: 220V AC/ 24V DC

Power: 32KW

Compressing air consumption: 300NL/min

Air pressure: 6 bar

Edge cutting: 2*10mm


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