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Casing-in Machine


This machine is very suitable for book casing, and it only needs one or two persons operate. The operator firstly puts the bookblock on the plank, and lays down the case on the fixed place, then starts the machine, and it will apply the glue on the sides automatically with the moving plank. Finally the tool puts the case with the gluing block together. And the operator can take the finished products out of the machine, restart it and continue with the next process. This machine is widely used for making up the bookcases and blocks of the deluxe book and notebook. This machine can be operated very easily and conveniently, the time for changing the product specifications is short, the glue applied onto the two sides of the bookblock is even, and the movement is stable. It can be generally used for varied batch of different kinds specifications of the high quality book products.


Packaging PP wrapped and in wood container
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