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Cartonbox Making Machine (Semi-automatic


This machine is mainly used for decorating varied bottom-locked. The cartonbox Corner Sealing Machine is used for sealing the cardboard's four angles. The main frame has the air absorb equipment, which can avoid the curling and air bubbles of the papers. People put the cartonbox onto the coating sheet correctly, fixing the position and put it onto the machine, then the Cartonbox Coating Machine sticks the four sides onto the box, and then with the Flaps Bender folding the coating sheet into the inner of the box. Production Capacity: Take the 100*25*150 Size Bottom-locked for example. This machine can glue two papers at two sides meantime, one used for making the cover, the other for the bottom. The Cartonbox Corner Sealing Machine can shape and seal the cardboard 1000-1300pcs per minute. And the labor-fixing an also be 1000-1300pcs per minute, so each step can be taken at the same time, that means it can make the bottom-locked 8000-12000 set in 8 hours. It only needs separately 2 persons for sealing corners, fixing box position, putting to the coating machine, folding into inner and putting in orders, around 10-11 persons.


Packaging PP wrapped and in wood contain
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