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Eucalyptus Wood Chips


Saturday, May 16, 2009 Dear Sirs We are business associates with Brazil Biomass and Renewable Energy, which is an export base Manufacturing company in Brazil and is in the export of quality Wood Chips with reasonable prices. We are presenting a new special offer for sale of eucalyptus wood chips for pulp industry or for the generation of energy and combustion of clean and renewable energy. This offer is only for the month of May for our international customers. We can offer FOB or CIF or in or BDMT GMT. We will do business with companies that urgently send us a letter of intent to purchase our products. Wood Species : Eucalyptus Saligna and Grandis or Pinus Place of Origin : Brazil Certification : SGS and Alex Stewart test report or FSC Wood - Quality tests performed by the University of Applied Sciences - Wood chips tested according to the standard CEN/TS 19461:2005 Length: Up to 20 % Collateral>25 mm<35 mm>15 mm<25 mm Width: Up to 20 % Collateral>10 mm<35 mm>5 mm<10 mm Thickness: Collateral 10%>5 mm<15 mm>15mm Quality: Made from fresh wood, no red striping, no orlittle blueing. - Bark proportion: up to 2 % Moisture Content 30% max - Class M30 Moisture (w-% of drybasis) Suitable Moisture of wood chips according to CEN/TS 14961:2005 Ash Content 0,3% or 0,7% - Class A07 Ash (w-%of dry basis) Ash of wood chips according to CEN/TS 14961:2005 Calorific Power 4.927 Kcal/Kg Lignin 25,8% - PH 5,7% Energy Output Wet Basis 2,324 to 3,726 MWh/Ton - Dry Basis 5,229 to 5,811 MWh/Ton Extractives 11,0% - Polvoses 16,3% - Cellulose 86,4% Pulping de Kraft - Volatile 13% - Volatile Matter 70.55% to 84.96% Sand Maximum 0,1% - Fixed Carbon 12.06% to 14.52% - Max. Chip Size No more than 5% shall be 4 inches or larger in any dimension - Sizing : 0.3 cm - 4.5 cm - Overs: 5% > 4.5 cm Maximum - Fines: 5% <0.3 cm Maximum Chemical Oxygen 47% - Hydrogen 5,8% - Nitrogen 0,3% - Sulphur Less 0,003% - Chlorine Less Than 0,1% - Carbon 52% Pricing Monthly/Quantity 30.000 ton. Itajai SC or 28.000 ton. Imbituba SC Price FOB Brazil USD 58,00 GMT (Green Metric Ton) Price FOB Brazil USD 83,00 BDMT (Moisture 30%) Price CIF Germany/Hamburg USD 98,00 GMT (Green Metric Ton) Price CIF Germany/Hamburg USD 140,00 BDMT (Moisture 30%) Price CIF Netherlands/Rotherham USD 98,00 GMT (Green Metric Ton) Price CIF Netherlands/Rotherham USD 140,00 BDMT (Moisture 30%) Price CIF England, Spain, Italy and PT USD 105,00 GMT (Green Metric Ton)


FOB Price * Not Mentioned
Payment Terms L/C


Packaging 50 Kgs Bag
Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and buyer pays the shipping fee.
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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