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SAMWAY Levelers Slitting Line


Leveler main technical parameter Specification & model Max. thinkness Coil width Roller No Roll Dia. (mm) Central distance(mm) Leveling speed(mm) Leveling precision(mm) (Kw) JPG(0.5~3)x1600 3 1600 15 ?90 95 30 2mm/ 30 JPG(1~6)x2000 6 1250 15 ?140 162 30 2mm/ 55 JPG(2~8)x2000 8 1600 13 ?155 170 25 2mm/ 75 JPG(2~10)x2200 10 600 13 ?160 180 25 2mm/ 99 JPG(3~12)x2500 12 1600 11 ?180 200 24 2mm/ 110 JPG(4~16)x2500 16 1600 11 ?200 230 23 2mm/ 132 JPG(6~20)x2500 20 2000 9 ?230 300 18 2mm/ 145 JPG(8~25)x2500 25 1600 9 ?260 350 18 2mm/ 160 JPG(9~32)x2500 32 2000 9 ?300 380 16 2mm/ 200 SAMWAY - Leveling equipment slitter line SAMWAY supplies a full range of leveling machines. From parts leveler to high-capacity levelers for coiled material. SAMWAY levelers are integrated into turnkey press feed systems, coil preparation lines for roll forming, and cut-to-length lines. Thousands of SAMWAY leveling machines are in use throughout the world and we have become the market leader in levelling and feed equipment. Samway is professional manufacturing all kinds of Leveling and Cut to Length Line, Slitting Line, Galvanizing Line and other related series products, etc, at same time focus on high-tech products research, design and development. Leveling and Cut to Length Line series with thickness from 0.18mm to 25mm, width from 200mm to 3000mm, cutting length tolerance within ±0.1mm which are apply for various specifications and different materials coil. Slitting Line with thickness from 0.25mm to 14mm, width form 200-3000mm. We have high, average, normal speed design in which high speed, high precision leveling line can reach to 35pcs/min by 2m length plate, high speed slitting line can reach to 120m/min. Parts levelers Cut-to-length lines and punching units Press feeding lines Coil preparation lines for rollforming for more slitting line cut to length lines, or for customized solutions from samway technician.


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