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Beating & Freeness Testers Canadian Type


For measuring the Canadian Freeness number which is a measure of the drainage capacity of different pulp types. It is a useful index of the amount of mechanical treatment given to the pulp With standard screen plate and Plexiglas measuring cylinder for CSF value. A device to measure the drainage of a pulp suspension as determined by the Schopper-Reigler method and expressed as the SR number. The most reliable results are obtained within the SR number range of 10-90. Motor operated ensures a constant lifting rate for the sealing cone. The Schopper Reigler apparatus consists of a drainage chamber complete with a wire screen, sealing cone, and funnel mounted on a support which allows the unit to put on the bench top. The wire screen forms the bottom of the drainage chamber and is held in place by a thread frame. At the start of a test, the sealing cone is lowered so that it closes the drainage


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