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The purpose of de- inking is to remove the printing inks, stickies that might effect the paper making process. In a de-inking process ink is detached from fiber. Flotation technology provides high yield of fibers and simple handling with maximum operating reliability. Principle of Operation The JMC De- inking cell consists of number of cells in series with elliptical cross section with a baffle extending over the entire length to separate suspension chamber from the foam collecting chamber. Air (at the atmospheric pressure) and pulp stock is introduced into the cell through injectors. Flow through nozzles generates vacuum which generators micro turbulence resulting in widely ranging bubble sizes enabling efficient removal of ink of particles. The enhances brightness to a high degree and reduces dirt specks and stickies. The injectors optimize the quantity of the air injected and the size of the bubbles generated. The pulp stock freed ink is pumped from the bottom of one cell to the next cell. The ink laden foam overflows to the foam chamber with the help of motorized paddle. Flotation process is operated in a continuous mode and helps to remove ink particles efficiency. Since the cells are interconnected level is controlled through level transmitter on entire flotation machine. The primary flotation stage ensures highest possible stock purity and the secondary stage optimize yield. A Dearator cyclone removes air from the stock and usable fibers are recovered from the foam. Salient Features * No sizing restrictions * Single level control loop operation * Optimized flotation yield at secondary stage without loss of brightness and cleanliness. * Very low fiber loss in the de-inking process as the foam is treated in a cascade process. * Optimize flotation yield at secondary stage without loss of brightness and cleanliness. * Exceptional improvement in screening efficiency. * Improve quality of paper * Dependable paper machine operation * Basket - hole or slot type * Excellent manufacturing fitness


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