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AKD Wax for Paper Sizing


Dear Sir, I am Candy from Shandong Tiancheng Chemical Co., Ltd. China. It is glad to introduce you our company as one of the largest Alkyl ketene dimer manufacturers, we have been in this line for nearly 20 years, because of good quality and largest capacity, we ever ranked the top in the world. 1. Our AKD's production capacity is 40000 tons/year. 2. Purity is more than 90%. 3. Quality and quantity are in the lead in domestic and the world. I am writing in hope of being your supplier to provide you good quality products with competitive price. Other featured products for paper making: General AKD emulsifier 25% Cationic reagent/quat 188 69% Polymer emulsifier 40% PolyDADMAC 40% Wet strength agent 12.5%/ 25% Dry strength agent Fixing agent 50% Partners who cooperate with us: APP Indonesia's Sinar Mas Group, U.S. IP International Paper, Japan's Oji Paper, Nine Dragons Paper, Sun paper, Kemira of Finland, Japan Arakawa Chemical and other domestic/major multinational corporations. Any questions or help, pls feel free to contact me. Welcome to visit us. Best Regards,


Min Order Qty. 15 Metric Ton
Avg. Lead Time 7 Days
FOB Price * US$2600 / Metric Ton
Payment Options L/C, T/T
Payment Terms T/T
Place of Origin Jining, China


Product Condition Not Applicable
Model No. or Name AKD 1840
Brand Name Tiancheng
Supply Capacity 3000 Metric Ton / Month
Packaging 25kg/bag, 500kg/bag
Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and pays the shipping fee.
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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