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Alkyl Ketene Dimer Wax (AKD 1840) 1865


Tiancheng AKD WAX

Shandong Tiancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd is the lead manufacturer of alkyl ketene dimer in China. Since 2008, Tiancheng quality and quantity have been ranked top in the world, during we adopt the advanced production equipment and production technology , our quality is more and more best, the purity higher 90%. the output quantity reach more than 50000 ton per year.


Alkyl Ketene Dimer(AKD WAX) which is made of high fatty acid (=12) .This is acylated and dehydro chlorinated. This product, a kind of initial powder of neutral sizing agent, is used in making neutral sizing agent latex of paper pulp. After sizing with AKD emulsion, it can make paperless water absorbing and controls its printing properties.

Alkyl ketene dimer

AKD WAX Type : 1840, 1865, 1895 Package : 25kg / bag , 500kg / bag


Packaging 25kg/bag;500kg/bag
Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and buyer pays the shipping fee.

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Paper Chemicals Alkyl Ketene Dimer (AKD)

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