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TopSize RD 44 is a dispersion of fine rosin particles that have been fortified and chemically modified. It is designed for use in the manufacture of paper and board. TopSize RD 44 is supplied with 40 % solids content. APPLICATION: TopSize RD 44 is a dispersion paper size suitable in a wide pH range from 4.0 up to 7.5. The best economic results can be obtained between pH 5.5 - 6.5. The sizing system is specifically adapted to suit the particular operating conditions of each paper machine. Before addition, TopSize RD 44 may be diluted with cold water to aid dispersion. Our technical sales department are at your service to recommend the proper method and a suitable feeding point.


FOB Price * Not Mentioned
Payment Terms L/C


Packaging 1 MT IBC
Sample Offered? Yes
Sample Terms Supplier sends free sample and buyer pays the shipping fee.
* Prices are subject to change. Please contact the supplier for the latest price.

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