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INTRODUCTION: Bursting strength is a widely-used measure of resistance to rupture in various materials. A test specimen is held between circular clamps and subjected to an increasing pressure from a rubber diaphragm. The diaphragm is expanded by a controlled hydraulic pressure until the test specimen ruptures. The bursting strength of the specimen is the pressure reading at the time of rupture. APPLICATIONS: Paper, Paperboard, Nonwovens, Corrugated, Tissue SPECIFICATIONS: * Two models: Monitor/Burst-200 (13-70-00); 10-200 psig (69-1380 kPa; and Monitor/ Burst-1000 (13-71-00) 50-1000 psig (345-6894 kPa) * Monitor/Burst-200 meets TAPPI T-403, ASTM D774, APPITA/AS 1301, 403, BS 3137, ISO 2758, CPPA D.8, DIN 53141, SCAN P24 * Monitor/Burst-1000 meets TAPPI T-807, T-810, ASTM D2529, D738, APPITA/AS 1301, 438, BS 3137, ISO 2759, SCAN P25 * Monitor/Burst-1000 has a clamping force display provides consistent, repeatable clamping force for corrugated specimens FEATURES: * Digital display, storage and editing of up to 2500 readings, settable limits, statistics- average, standard deviation, high/low results, and report printout with optional printer * Selectable units (psig, kPa, kg/cm²) * RS-232 * Automatic pneumatic clamping for uniform pressure over a wide range of samples


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