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Square Foot Paper Cutters



TMI offers a wide line of cutters to accommodate all of your sample preparation requirements. The Square- Foot Paper Cutters have been designed to cut accurate square-foot samples from all kinds of paper.

The Square-Foot Paper Cutter - TMI 22-03-02 - is devised to give accurately cut samples for testing all kinds of lightweight paper to a .005 in. tolerance.

The Heavy Duty Square-Foot Paper Cutter - TMI 22-03- 01 - will cut an accurate square-foot sample of heavy paper board, such as 42-pound and 69-pound Kraft, Bleached Kraft, pulp or multi-ply cylinder board. The machine will cut 16 sheets of 42-pound liner and 10 sheets of 69-pound liner.

The Square-Foot Paper Cutters cannot slip or vary sizes of the samples to be cut. The sheets to be trimmed are held firmly in place until released. Remove the question of weight adjustments due to error of sample accuracy. It saves time as well as assures precision.


The index plate turns with the sheet to a slotted opening in the base. The plate is protected against wear through the use of especially hardened steel. The index plate that holds the sheet firmly in place works by means of a strong spring, which forces rigid contact with the plate as it turns. It is fitted with a ball-bearing which insures easy operation at all times.

The cutting device is a right-angle operation. It is attached to the stationary base plate, is simple in construction and easily removed for sharpening. Attached to the knife is a safety device to keep it from dropping and endangering the operator. The knife will stay sharpened several months, even with constant use. There is absolutely nothing to repair, the first cost being the last cost and will free the owner from all inaccuracy in the cutting of samples.


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